6 Cute Kawaii School Supplies Ideas

6 Cute Kawaii School Supplies Ideas

Not every kid enjoys the whole idea of school. As a parent, it's part of your duties to make resuming school fun and interesting. If you think that's too much pressure to handle, then these kawaii school supplies ideas are just what you need!

Customized notepad

Is there really school without notepads and scribbling? Getting a customized school notepad makes it fun for kids to want to write down or draw stuff. Make the notepad stand out by having their favorite hero right on the cover. For kids, nothing is more inviting than having to see their favorite hero at every turn. Want your kid to write more? A customized school notepad might just be the way to go!

All-in-one pencils

They'll definitely need something to write or draw into those notepads, and getting a colorful, fancy pencil set is the right way to go. But let it not just be any regular, boring pencils. Have one with a sharpener on it or as a cap. This way, they wouldn't have to worry about losing the sharpener and always have pointed tip pencils. You may have to buy more pencils as they keep sharpening away, but at least they enjoy writing.

Retractable eraser

Even if your kid is not a fan of Star Wars, there's always something special about a retractable eraser. It's the same feeling any fan of Star Wars would feel trying to use a lightsaber. What's more? These retractable erasers come in a soft textured surface that not only erases errors but does so without tearing the paper.

Transparent pencil bag

Who wouldn't want a beautiful, transparent bag? Ok, maybe you're an adult who has become too mature for fun, but kids live for stuff like these! Since kids are different, it's smart to run the idea over to see if yours would love it. Generally, these transparent bags are cool and make their items visible. They'll be eager to resume school and go show it off to all their friends.

Custom water bottles

Water has truly got no enemy. You really cannot have enough water in a day. Get your kid a fancy water bottle to inspire them to stay hydrated during school hours. Since most kids have heroes and idols, it'll be really cool to get water bottles that reflect that character. For instance, if your kid loves Marvel Comics, there are more than a handful of characters and heroes to choose from. Give the kid a reason to always want to show off his cool water bottle, and you've solved the problem of not staying hydrated.

Lunch boxes

There's no one idea that's more important than the other when it comes to lunch boxes. If you think deep and hard enough, there are a lot of things to do with a lunch box. A transparent lunch box is cool if the kid doesn't mind showing off what they're having for lunch. On the other hand, there are hundreds of print choices to pick if you're looking for a really cool cover. When the kid is in love with the lunch box, you'll have to do a little to get them to leave the house to go show it off at school!


As kids go back to school or during the school year, school supplies help make the experience a lot more fun. Get creative with your next kawaii school supplies shopping.These kawaii school supplies ideas are not only practical but would make your kid want to go to school. It's a win-win for both you and the kid!