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A Guide on Replacing an Old Pressure Washer Pump

by guerra

Pumps for pressure washers can suffer damage in many ways. It happens more frequently than you may think.

The pump loses its efficiency and may even malfunction every now and then. Unsurprisingly, this might be the result of you leaving it on for too long, breakage while stored away, or due to general strain on the machine.

Nevertheless, there’s no need to replace your cleaning unit just yet. Instead of that, you may simply try and change the Giraffe Tools pressure washer pump that comes along with it.

Pre-Requisites to Replacing Your Pressure Washer Pump

Before you can change a pump, there needs to be a suitable alternative. The replacement pump you buy needs to work with the corresponding pressure washer.

You won’t be able to change the pump with any other since it might not even fit. That is why you need to check whether the washer has a triplex or axial pump. Axial pumps are relatively less costly and provide just enough PSI to handle household tasks. However, their life may not be as long as a triplex pump.

Just for the record, a triplex pump is far more reliable and long-lasting. And since they use three pistons to create the pressure, the PSI is also much higher when compared to the axial pump. And last but not least, they owe their long life to top-notch components.

If you have a low-cost cleaning unit meant for home tasks, there will most certainly be an axial pump. But if it’s a professional-level pressure washer, you have a triplex pump.

Changing Your Pressure Washer Pump

Detaching the Pump

Before taking out the old pump from your cleaner, check if all its components are detached.

Disconnecting the spark plug cable should be your first step. To detach the wire from the spark plug, all you need to do is pull it out. There shouldn’t be any specific equipment for this step. After that, you’ll also need to unplug any tubes attached to the motor.

Removing the Pump

Once there is no connection with the tubes and igniter, you may detach the pump from the pressure washer. In most cases, three or four bolts and nuts secure the motor. Because the bolts are frequently Allen head bolts, you’ll need a corresponding Allen head bit and a spanner.

Installing or Changing the Thermal Relief Valve

You have to look for a temperature release valve before attaching the second pump. If the system doesn’t include a thermal heat exchanger, you’ll have to move one from your old unit to it. But if the old one is damaged, you should purchase and put in a fresh one before using your refurbished equipment.

Fitting in the New Pump

After taking out the old pump and putting in a thermal relief valve, you can fit in the replacement. Since you already removed the old one, getting it into the pressure washer frame shouldn’t be hard.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is a very clear-cut method to changing an old or defective pump. So if you have a Giraffe Tools pressure washer with the same issue, try to implement this approach and save yourself some cash.

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