Beam 230 Will Make Your Function Memorable

Beam 230 Will Make Your Function Memorable

Are you looking for a venue that will make your event unforgettable? Then look no further than beam 230. We have spaces that can accommodate small gatherings and large events and a wide range of catering services to suit all budgets. From the moment you enter our space, it will be clear that we take pride in providing an unforgettable experience for our clients. Our aim is to provide an outstanding venue and ensure that your event runs smoothly from start to finish so you can focus on having fun with family and friends rather than worrying about the details.

Create Memorable and Truly Unique Events

The next time you’re planning a special event, consider Beam 230. This unique space is a great option for all occasions, like annual conferences, award ceremonies, or community gatherings.

It’s easy to see why Beam 230 would be the perfect venue for your next event:

  • It has a beautiful setting
  • It has an excellent location
  • It can accommodate up to 230 guests at once (and many more if you break them up into smaller groups)

Why Choose Beam 230

Beam 230 is a unique venue that offers a wide range of event spaces to suit all types of events. Our team of professional event planners will help you create your perfect event, no matter what size or style it is. We have the most popular function room in Sydney, but we also have other spaces ideal for smaller groups of up to 80 guests.

Beam 230 has been designed by internationally acclaimed architect David McLean and interior designer Madeleine Henry. The venue includes lounges and bars on two levels and terraces overlooking the harbor with spectacular views of the city skyline from every angle.

About Beam 230

Beam 230 is a versatile event space with various event spaces. The Beam 230 team will work with you to make your next function memorable.

Beam 230 offers a wide range of options for your next event. This can include:

  • The Atrium (the main showroom), which holds up to 300 seated guests, or 400 standing guests
  • The Sky Box (a private balcony overlooking the Atrium) that fits 20-25 guests or 40 standing guests, depending on seating configuration
  • The Market Room (an open-air bar area) that accommodates 50+ standing attendees

Beam 230 has the perfect event spaces for your next event.

Beaming with excitement? We are too! Beam 230 is the perfect event space for your next event because it can be transformed into anything you want. Our flexible layout provides the best of both worlds: a unique atmosphere and top-notch amenities. Beam 230 is perfect for any occasion with an open concept and light-filled windows. Need a place to host a wedding reception or birthday party? We’ve got you covered! Do you need an intimate space for a business meeting or product launch? The possibilities are endless at Beam 230! We have the perfect event space, no matter what type of function or special occasion you have in mind!

You can always count on us to go above and beyond your expectations when planning an event at our venue. Whether it’s large or small, simple or extravagant, we will help ensure that every detail—from décor down to table settings—is perfect for your special occasion.


Beam 230 is a unique and memorable venue for your next event. We have the perfect spaces to host your special day, corporate meeting, or private party.