Everything You Need to Know About Sugo Dekai

Everything You Need to Know About Sugo Dekai

No matter how great you are at watching a series, a series and character that will confuse you is sugoi dekai. There is a lot of buzz about the phrase sugo dekai that will almost immediately have you doing your research. But unfortunately, doing research about sugo dekai will most likely leave you confused more than you think. If you do your research, what you will see mostly is a character from the sugo dekai anime series known as uzaki hana. Uzaki Hana is a lady with a height of around 150cm, and she has big eyes with the color blue.

A significant trait about Hana uzaki is the size of her breasts, and that is probably the reason why she causes a lot of surges across the internet. If we were to measure the size of her breasts, it would be 4 centimeters shy of 100 centimeters. Hana uzaki is a lively person that shares a lot of energy with everyone wherever she is. However, this was a different personality from the Hana uzaki you will have known in her secondary school. She was quiet and reserved, but that has all changed. Usually, Hana uzaki wore a shirt that many believe describes her breasts. On the shirt, it was inscribed sugo dekai. Let's explain everything you should know about sugo dekai

What does Sugo Dekai Mean?

In Japanese, sugo dekai means so big, while some dialects prefer to call it great. It was a phrase that came from the uzaki chan series because of the uzaki hana character. This series first launched in December 2017, and because of the buzz around it, it became serialized in less than a year. When they launched and the anime became popular, there were mixed reactions from fans and viewers of the series. Some took their responses and fine-tuned them into some actions. Some people felt that the face and look of uzaki Hana was too young for such breasts, so they tried to have their personal design of the character. All efforts to redesign this character did not go well with some fans. These fans, on the other hand, reacted and laughed at the redesign from the bothering viewers. However, these redesigns were all over the place, and up until now, there are many different designs of uzaki Hana.

What is the spread of sugo dekai?

The first spread of the sugo dekai phrase came from when the anime was released. However, when things go as far as Twitter, you can rest assured that it has reached all the earth. When the sugo dekai entered Twitter, it became a regular meme amongst anime lovers. While some of these redesigns were innocently aimed at making her look slightly younger, others were only trying to mock the character and its design. However, both the people who were trying to give it a more youthful look and the people trying to mock the character got a lot of engagement, which made it a popular and trending topic.


Sugo dekai is a phrase that is probably as popular as the original series, if not more. However, we have explained everything You need to know about the series in this guide.