Heat and Heatless Styling Tips for HD Lace Wigs

Heat and Heatless Styling Tips for HD Lace Wigs

Once you grab hd lace wigs made of a hundred percent natural human hair, you start wondering what kind of styles you can try with it. Don't wonder anymore. Let's start exploring some styling tips that let you make the most of these human hair wigs.

Try Heat Based Styling for Formal Touch

This kind of styling is a must for formal and semi-formal occasions. You can use a curling iron to try loose or tight curls. It's good to use heat protecting serum before you grab a curling rod in your hand. Apply a hair styling cream if you want to get some curls that last longer than an hour. However, always choose a non-greasy one else; you will often have to wash your hair wigs.

Whether it's your date night or some special party, try adding some volume to your hair with waves. Short waves look great but going with beach waves means boosting the overall charm of your factor and adding an X-factor into your persona. Girls with beautiful wavy hairstyles always have a magnetic look and appeal.

Important Tips:

  • Always use professional hair styling tools with temperature control to change temperature as per requirement for your HD Lace wigs.
  • Use a small-barrel iron to get sleek and tight curls, and if you are into large curls, then get a long-barrel iron.
  • Don't use any tool when your human hair is wet.

Heatless Style is Good for Everyday Look

If you are the kind of person who gets bored quickly with the same hairstyle every day, then you can try tons of heatless styles with your HD Wigs.

Sleek Braid:

When it comes to braiding your human hair wigs, you can try any kind of braid you like, from french to fishtail.

Important Tips:

Don't forget to spritz your hair with water or some conditioner before braiding.

Do you want to know why?

Well, one day, you can go out with a fishtail braid, and another day, when you will unravel your braid, you will get a voluminous wavy hairstyle without putting any effort into hairstyling. Isn't it great?

Changing Curls:

If you have a curly HD lace wig and you want to transform its curly pattern without using a straightener, a good idea here is to rely on Flexi rods or perm rods. Since these rods are available in varied sizes and are cost-effective styling tools, getting a different curly hairstyle pattern every other day will be hassle-free.

Important Tips:

You need to hydrate your curls well to define them well and have a refreshing style look.

Changing Flat hair:

If you have long straight HD lace wigs, and it's made of human hair, not synthetic ones, you can try many different heatless styles with them. Take a perming rod and use it to have some voluminous perms. A side braid is another good choice, especially when you plan to hang out with friends in the summer. When you have very long straight hair, making a dutch and rope braid with flowery accessories is always fun. Accessorizing your braid with fresh flowers is a hairstyle that can be a mood-lifter.