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How To Install A Ginger Wig

by guerra

The popularity of wigs has heightened over the years, with more women buying them. Not only are wigs stylish, but they are also functional pieces worn to accomplish certain purposes like protecting your natural hair from environmental elements. New wig development techniques have been developed, meaning new wigs have also been introduced to the market. An example is the ginger lace front wig which is machine-made and suitable for all hair types. In this post, we delve into the ginger wig installation steps.

a. How to install a ginger wig

Like all other lace front wigs, the ginger lace wig must be installed in a proper way using the correct procedure. Before getting into the first step, gather all the necessary tools to facilitate the process. Some include the wig, adhesive, colored wig cap, blow dryer, etc.

b. Preparation of the scalp

It’s advisable to prep the scalp before installing the wig. Start by washing to remove oils that may interfere with the glue. Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner, rinse and pat yourself to dry using a towel. Always apply a scalp protector to stop the glue from damaging your skin. Pour it along the hairline, where the glue will contact your skin, and use a brush to spread it evenly. Blowdry for a minute or less to set, then wear the wig and press its edges on your scalp.

c. Cut the lace of the wig

All lace wigs come with extra lace, allowing you to cut it according to your hairline. After the wig is attached to your scalp, trace out the shape of your hairline, then trim the lace. You can do this using a brow pencil since it’s not permanent. Use a scissor or a sharp blade and cut the lace in bits until the final part is off. Additionally, trim a few centimeters away from the wig hairline and avoid any wig hairs.

d. Clean the skin adjacent to the hairline

After the attachment and lace trimming, clean your skin to remove extra glue or oils within the area. The best solution for this is the isopropyl liquor which cleans very fast. Apply the scalp protector again to be safe from any reactions that may occur.

e. Lay your edges

Use your preferred gel to lay them and brush them to keep them flat. Also, you can use your fingers to press them down, ensuring your entire hairline is covered. Alternatively, tie a scarf for approximately 20 minutes, then remove it.

f. Wear your wig

Attach your ginger lace wig to your head and keep it aligned. Start by determining the middle part and let it align with the central area of your brows. Once confirmed, proceed to press the other parts down. Then style accordingly.

Bottom line

Ginger lace front wigs are beautiful when properly installed. They have a natural look influenced by the flawless nature between them and the hairline such that they may pass as actual hair. Follow the steps above and ensure to trim the lace carefully nit to ruin the entire wig. Use wig and skin-friendly glue with no negative effects on your scalp.

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