Microfiber Car Cloths: Different Types you Should Know

Microfiber Car Cloths: Different Types you Should Know

Do you always have trouble cleaning your car? Maybe it is high time you tried the microfiber car cloths for an exciting experience. Maybe you are wondering what microfiber cloths are and what they entail. Simply put, a microfiber is any fiber type with 1 or less denier. In most instances, microfiber cloths are used for cleaning different surface areas as they absorb dirt or liquid effectively. As in the case of cleaning products, microfiber is made up of nylon, i.e., polyamide + polyester. During the manufacturing process, high-quality fiber is usually split in the process to create some spaces between the fiber. The spaces in between enhance the functioning of the microfiber to absorb the liquid and hold the dust. On the other hand, microfiber with low quality isn’t always split to avoid being absorbent.

Did you know there are different forms of microfiber cloths? Well, the distinctions lie in the cleaning task at hand. Let us highlight the different types of microfiber cloths and their uses.

Cleaning with different types of microfiber cloths

When cleaning different surfaces, have you ever felt the need to use different materials on different surfaces? Well, I think you can relate. Below are some of the distinct forms of microfiber and where you can use them for effectiveness.

Glass microfiber cloth

These ones are microfiber products knitted and meant for cleaning smooth and reflective surfaces to remove smudges and streaks. They are ideal for cleaning any stainless-steel product, electronic screens, glass windows, and mirrors. For a better understanding, use these types of microfiber cloths to dry the smooth surfaces until they shine and look brand new.

Textured cloths

These ones have a waffle-like towel and a textured weave surface to enhance more power for drying or especially scrubbing. When used for drying, the surface allows the liquid to be absorbed in the higher sections, then directed to the lower sections, leaving the towel on the dried area. As for the scrubbing case, the uneven pattern creates some friction so that you can use less energy and time when cleaning. However, this doesn’t damage the surface.

All-purpose microfiber cloths

Also known as multi-surface cloths, these all-purpose microfiber cloths can clean anything. They are made with a texture that can fit any form of the surface when cleaned without causing any damage. They have a larger surface area and a traditional terry surface for enhancing general cleaning, wiping any spillages, and drying any specks of dust, among other cleaning tasks.

Polishing cloths

These ones are designed for the purpose of removing any polish on delicate surfaces without damaging them. They usually enhance the look of silver and jewelry for a shining look. They are made using coral fleece microfiber to enhance a soft look and touch. You can use them on metal and car surfaces.


Have you always found cleaning a hard task? Whether cleaning, wiping, drying, or scrubbing, always ensure you use the right material for effectiveness. Smooth surfaces require careful handling, with rough surfaces requiring extra effort for effective cleaning.