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Reasons Why Silicone Foam Pillows are Good for Babies

by Guerra

Many people have questioned the use of pillows by babies for many years. We all know the risk of a baby experiencing SIDS while sleeping, which is pretty scary for any parent. However, parents are made aware of the necessary precautions to take. This move has led to the production of more baby pillows, majorly to enhance support. Silicone baby pillows are new in the market and have proved to be better than most pillows. In this article, we discuss why silicone foam pillows are suitable for babies.

Reasons why silicone foam pillows are suitable for babies

Babies, especially newborns, are delicate. You must ensure that what they use, wear, sleep on or come into contact with is safe. The silicone foam material is new in our pillows, and it has many characteristics that make it ideal for use. They are;

1. Easy to wash

Baby stuff must be kept clean at all times. If you choose to buy them a pillow, ensure you can wash it regularly. Silicone foam isn’t affected by water, unlike its counterpart memory foam. Continuous washing of memory foam material damages it, therefore, making silicone foam more advantageous. You can also machine wash silicone pillows safely at high temperatures or handwash using hot water. Since its surface is porous, water goes through it without and out quickly, meaning it dries faster. It’s perfect for babies as you can wash it and use it after a short time.

2. Highly breathable

It is a significant consideration when buying a baby pillow. High breathability means there is proper airflow within the pillow. Silicone foam has 97 % airflow, which helps keep the baby cool when sleeping. Some pillows have poor airflow or that which is significantly lower than that of silicone. They create a hot environment for the baby, making them uncomfortable and may develop a heat rash. Despite having holes on the surface, these pillow brands are still not adequate. Avoid exposing your child to too much heat using the silicone foam pillow. A comfortable baby sleeps better, which is excellent for them and the parents.

3. Has good support

Silicone foam pillows have several uses, like reducing the flat head syndrome in newborns. However, support is the most primary function. These pillows have a great surface to lie on, and they help maintain the natural curve of the spine. This is made possible by the ability to conform to the body, and when fully compressed, it goes back to its original form. The excellent stability ensures the pillows are durable to last you many years. The silicone foam’s firm surface makes the baby feel safe and comfortable.

4. Hypoallergenic

Babies are susceptible to allergies hence the need to avoid allergy-prone materials. Silicone is baby-friendly and has no fillers or toxins. It is clean and therefore perfect for baby use.


Silicone foam pillows are one of the best products for babies. They are easy to wash, have good airflow to keep the baby cool, and are stable. Babies thrive in clean environments, and these pillows offer precisely that and more. The baby will not suffer from any allergic reactions since silicone is allergy-friendly. Generally, the pillows are great and worth every coin.

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